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White House Receptionist Breaks Disability Barriers 

Leah Katz-Hernandez, Connecticut native, has recently taken on the role of the receptionist of the United States. Born deaf, Leah has faced many challenges but overcoming work place disability barriers has not been one of them. Directly outside the Oval office, Leah greets anyone coming to meet President Barack Obama, and handles the official guest book. Leah is accompanied with a sign-language interpreter for assistance in daily tasks such as answering the telephone.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity and also to show that deaf people can do anything,” - Katz-Hernandez

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Osceola Community Birthday Surprise

A little boy with a mild autism disorder in Osceola Florida has just celebrated his sixth birthday, with the help of his community. Glenn Buratti's mother Ashlee had invited all sixteen class mates of Glenn's to a birthday party, but not one showed up to attend. After a heartfelt message Ashlee had shared on Facebook the community took notice and started to show up at their doorsteps to help celebrate his birthday, even with gifts. Over-joyed with the response Glenn's parents took to Facebook again to thank everyone for making their sons birthday one he will never forget, in a very positive way.

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Interior Design to Accommodate Those with Autism

A new idea on creating an inclusive and accomodating living environment for those with autism. A.J. Paron-Wildes was a young interior designer when she received the news that her son had been diagnosed with autism. After seeing the obstacles that her son faced each day she decided to research the idea of interior designing a peaceful environment that those with autism could greatly benefit and advantage from. Paron-Wildes found out which colours were calming, and which lighting was too bright or too dim that caused tantrums to those with autism. She learnt first hand how important organization is when having a calming, and peaceful environment.

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TV To Become More Accessible 

Comcast is now in the midst of sharing an accessible "Talking Guide" which is said to be the industries first voice-enabled television user interface. This guide includes a voice read over of show titles, air times, time left, network names, descriptions and many other tv-viewing information crucial for viewers with sight impairment. It is said the Talking Guide will be launched by early December, and all X1 users are to receive it via automatic updates.

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More Characters With Disabilties On Television Networks

After a report released on the findings of diversity in television conducted by GLAAD, it confirmed that every broadcast network will feature at least one character with a disability regulary. With Fox leading with 7 characters in their network cast, we will also soon be seeing NBC to feature characters with disabilities in shows such as "Parenthood" and "The Flash". Although we are seeing more characters with disabilities in advertising/commercials, scripted shows are becoming more and more inclusive with roles for disabled.

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