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5-Year-Old Boy With Autism Helps Rescue Man

Chase Faulingham from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was born on the autism spectrum but that clearly does not affect his ability to spot an emergency and the need for help. Chase and his grandfather Thomas Murray were out one day for a walk when Chase had heard a faint cry for help, Chase called out saying "stop" and after a few moments Thomas continued on thinking he heard nothing of importance. Chase called out again saying "No Poppa Jim. Listen. Listen. Help." and listening closely his grandfather finally heard the faint cries for help of a man injured in a snow bank. The two climbed over the snow bank and called for paramedics. Chase is now being recognized for his heoric actions at home and in his community, showing great progress within himself.

 Read more and see the video here from CTV News.


Dancing With The Stars For Autism

Lauren Topor and Tom Leap both 24 years old on the autism spectrum, share the love for dancing, ballroom dancing in particular. A "Phantom of the Opera" ballroom routine earned them first place in the "Dancing with the Stars for Autism" contest in Johnstown Pennsylvania. Through dancing it is now clearly shown that both Lauren and Tom have gained tremendous self-confidence and have found a great purpose in life. Read more about their stories here at Autism Speaks!


D's House - Basketball Team Against Bullying

Desiree Andrews, a grade eight student at Lincoln Middle School in Wisconsin had what seemed to be a bad situation turned upside down thanks to her school's boys basketball team. Some spectators had been poking fun at Desiree one eveing at their school's basketball game as she was cheerleading. Seeing this, three players came off the court to stop the bullies and give Desiree their full support. As well as gaining three new friends, Lincoln's gymnasium was re-named to be "D's House" which the basketball team also chants before game time.

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Michael de Groot Meets His Idol Bill Nye

In Richmond, Virginia a local teen with autism gets the opportunity to meet his idol - Bill Nye the Science Guy. Fifteen year old Michael de Groot has always dreamed of becoming a scientist and inventor so meeting his idol, and respective science icon Bill Nye was a dream come true!

Michael de Groot drew a futuristic laboratory design for Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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Cerebral Palsy Awareness from Lottery Winner

Marie Holmes from North Carolina was the 188 million dollar Powerball winner announced Monday the 23rd. Single mother of four, Marie had previously supported her family working at places such as KFC, Walmart, and McDonald's. Along with putting her children through school, and traveling, Marie also plans to create more awareness for Cerebral Palsy, a disorder her seven year old son was born with.

“I hope that this moment can shine a light on the challenges faced by children and adults with cerebral palsy,” Holmes said. “Not everyone understands what cerebral palsy is, and what it means to a family. I hope our story can help change that.”

 Marie Holmes, second from left, claims her Powerball jackpot from the North Carolina Education Lottery. Holmes, 26, has four children including a 7-year-old son with cerebral palsy. (North Carolina Education Lottery)

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