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D's House - Basketball Team Against Bullying

Desiree Andrews, a grade eight student at Lincoln Middle School in Wisconsin had what seemed to be a bad situation turned upside down thanks to her school's boys basketball team. Some spectators had been poking fun at Desiree one eveing at their school's basketball game as she was cheerleading. Seeing this, three players came off the court to stop the bullies and give Desiree their full support. As well as gaining three new friends, Lincoln's gymnasium was re-named to be "D's House" which the basketball team also chants before game time.

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Model With Down Syndrome Walks In New York Fashion Week 

Jamie Brewer a young actress with down syndrome will be walking the runway in this years New York Fashion Week. Designer Carrie Hammer will be putting on the show being titled, "Role Models Not Runway Models". Jamie is recognized as being the first model with down syndome to walk in New York's proclaimed fashion week.

Jamie Brewer, center, plays Nan on

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Mikayla Holmgren's Passion For Dance

Mikayla Holmgren from Minnesota has found her element in dance. Confidently expressing herself through dance ever since she was a little girl. Holmgren was born with down syndrome and her parents are very proud of where she's at today in dance, and her dance teacher treats her no less like any other student. Additionally Mikayla participates in the Special Olympics in gymnastics, and was also on the pom squad in highshcool.

“She impacted my life in so many ways. She reminds me of what dance is all about,” - said by Mikayla's dance teacher.

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Honorary Team Captains

Blake Pyron and Austin Waters are best friends going into their senior year at a highschool in Texas. Both boys were born with down syndrome, but that doesn't stop them from being a fantastic asset to their school's football team. Head coach Chuck Galbreath not only lets the two boys lead the team out of the tunnel but he also made them honorary captains including team jerseys with their last names on the back.

"They're an inspiration for all of us, I know for me specifically." - Chuck Galbreath

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The Journey Of Employment for Jamie Berube

Jamie Berube was born with down syndrome and this article tells the story through his father Michael's eyes of the hurdles faced and jumped on the journey of employment for his son Jamie. 

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