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D's House - Basketball Team Against Bullying

Desiree Andrews, a grade eight student at Lincoln Middle School in Wisconsin had what seemed to be a bad situation turned upside down thanks to her school's boys basketball team. Some spectators had been poking fun at Desiree one eveing at their school's basketball game as she was cheerleading. Seeing this, three players came off the court to stop the bullies and give Desiree their full support. As well as gaining three new friends, Lincoln's gymnasium was re-named to be "D's House" which the basketball team also chants before game time.

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Model With Down Syndrome Walks In New York Fashion Week 

Jamie Brewer a young actress with down syndrome will be walking the runway in this years New York Fashion Week. Designer Carrie Hammer will be putting on the show being titled, "Role Models Not Runway Models". Jamie is recognized as being the first model with down syndome to walk in New York's proclaimed fashion week.

Jamie Brewer, center, plays Nan on

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Super Bowl Commercial Special Feature

Super Bowl Sunday this year will feature a one minute ad from McDonalds consisting of staff telling a family that their form of payment is a family hug. The special feature about this particular Super Bowl ad is that one of the family members is a third grade young girl, born with down syndrome. Her name is Grace Ramsburg and though she may not realize at the moment, millions of people will get to see Grace and her family this Sunday the first of February, on the their television screens.

Grace Ramsburg, 8, will appear in an ad for McDonald's airing during the Super Bowl. (Changing The Face Of Beauty)

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Cristina's Tortina 

Cristina Iusso is a 5 year old girl born with down syndome, who also happens to be the inspiration behind 'Cristina's Tortina'. Cristina's Tortina is a cupcake shop in Brampton run by Cristina's mom, who heavily believes in the fact that capabilities are what count, rather than any disability. Cristina Tortina (which in Italian translates to little cake) employs seven people with down syndrome and autism working a variety of positions within the shop.

“Everyone serves a purpose in this world — no matter how many chromosomes you have, or your circumstances, you just have to find it.” - Mary Iusso [Cristina's mother]


Ezra Roy Receives University Degree 

Ezra Roy, 26 years old, has recently graduated with honours from Texas Southern University and gained a bachelor's degree in art. Born with down syndrome, Ezra has overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today with the help of his father, Alvin Roy. Although Alvin has said the University made adjustments for Ezra such as extending time for writing exams and projects, the requirements stayed the same as any other student studying at Texas Southern University. There were obvious skeptics, but Ezra proved all that he was able to accomplish his goals with the support and encouragements of family and friends around him.

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