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White House Receptionist Breaks Disability Barriers 

Leah Katz-Hernandez, Connecticut native, has recently taken on the role of the receptionist of the United States. Born deaf, Leah has faced many challenges but overcoming work place disability barriers has not been one of them. Directly outside the Oval office, Leah greets anyone coming to meet President Barack Obama, and handles the official guest book. Leah is accompanied with a sign-language interpreter for assistance in daily tasks such as answering the telephone.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity and also to show that deaf people can do anything,” - Katz-Hernandez

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5-Year-Old Boy With Autism Helps Rescue Man

Chase Faulingham from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was born on the autism spectrum but that clearly does not affect his ability to spot an emergency and the need for help. Chase and his grandfather Thomas Murray were out one day for a walk when Chase had heard a faint cry for help, Chase called out saying "stop" and after a few moments Thomas continued on thinking he heard nothing of importance. Chase called out again saying "No Poppa Jim. Listen. Listen. Help." and listening closely his grandfather finally heard the faint cries for help of a man injured in a snow bank. The two climbed over the snow bank and called for paramedics. Chase is now being recognized for his heoric actions at home and in his community, showing great progress within himself.

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D's House - Basketball Team Against Bullying

Desiree Andrews, a grade eight student at Lincoln Middle School in Wisconsin had what seemed to be a bad situation turned upside down thanks to her school's boys basketball team. Some spectators had been poking fun at Desiree one eveing at their school's basketball game as she was cheerleading. Seeing this, three players came off the court to stop the bullies and give Desiree their full support. As well as gaining three new friends, Lincoln's gymnasium was re-named to be "D's House" which the basketball team also chants before game time.

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Osceola Community Birthday Surprise

A little boy with a mild autism disorder in Osceola Florida has just celebrated his sixth birthday, with the help of his community. Glenn Buratti's mother Ashlee had invited all sixteen class mates of Glenn's to a birthday party, but not one showed up to attend. After a heartfelt message Ashlee had shared on Facebook the community took notice and started to show up at their doorsteps to help celebrate his birthday, even with gifts. Over-joyed with the response Glenn's parents took to Facebook again to thank everyone for making their sons birthday one he will never forget, in a very positive way.

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Super Bowl Commercial Special Feature

Super Bowl Sunday this year will feature a one minute ad from McDonalds consisting of staff telling a family that their form of payment is a family hug. The special feature about this particular Super Bowl ad is that one of the family members is a third grade young girl, born with down syndrome. Her name is Grace Ramsburg and though she may not realize at the moment, millions of people will get to see Grace and her family this Sunday the first of February, on the their television screens.

Grace Ramsburg, 8, will appear in an ad for McDonald's airing during the Super Bowl. (Changing The Face Of Beauty)

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