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Microsoft Employs Those With Autism

Full-time positions are now being offered to those with autism at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The program offered, will hopefully consist of about ten people and include working with Specialisterne, which is a non-profit organization helping those with autism to apply their skills and talents to the techonology field. Though this particular program aims at hiring those with autism, Microsoft does hire a range of people with disabilities to work in multiple areas and departments. Mary Ellen Smith, Microsoft's corporate vice president of worldwide operations had said Microsoft is “passionate about hiring individuals of all disabilities.”

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5-Year-Old Boy With Autism Helps Rescue Man

Chase Faulingham from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was born on the autism spectrum but that clearly does not affect his ability to spot an emergency and the need for help. Chase and his grandfather Thomas Murray were out one day for a walk when Chase had heard a faint cry for help, Chase called out saying "stop" and after a few moments Thomas continued on thinking he heard nothing of importance. Chase called out again saying "No Poppa Jim. Listen. Listen. Help." and listening closely his grandfather finally heard the faint cries for help of a man injured in a snow bank. The two climbed over the snow bank and called for paramedics. Chase is now being recognized for his heoric actions at home and in his community, showing great progress within himself.

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The "Mini-Monet"

In Leicestershire, England a young girl named Iris Grace Halmshaw lives, and is home schooled by her mother Arabella Carter-Johnson. Having autism Iris has troubles and obstacles therapists' continously help her to overcome, but one thing comes naturally to Iris and that is creating art which art collectors around the world are placing bids on. At only five years old, Grace's paintings have gone for over $6,300. Her mother has said painting is a way to express the emotions, and beauty that she has enjoyed.


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