Manuel Parisseaux's Birthday Surprise

Manuel Parisseaux is a man born with down sydrome living in his now thirties. Manuel's mother Jacqueline had shared on Facebook her wish for a few cards/postcards to be sent to their home address to cheer up her son and serve as a nice birthday suprise. Manuel loves to receive post cards addressed specifically to him, so you could imagine his joy of being sent over 30,000 pieces of mail for his 30th birthday in November. Jacqueline had never expected the post would go viral giving her son a birthday celebration he will never forget.

Manuel  Parisseaux (Photo from

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The "Mini-Monet"

In Leicestershire, England a young girl named Iris Grace Halmshaw lives, and is home schooled by her mother Arabella Carter-Johnson. Having autism Iris has troubles and obstacles therapists' continously help her to overcome, but one thing comes naturally to Iris and that is creating art which art collectors around the world are placing bids on. At only five years old, Grace's paintings have gone for over $6,300. Her mother has said painting is a way to express the emotions, and beauty that she has enjoyed.


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The Adorable Bruins Fan

Liam Fitzgerald is an eight year old boy with down sydrome, who just happens to be the Boston Bruins number one fan. Having beat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia the team would agree Liam is the strongest member of the Bruins. After a game vs. the Florida Panthers a video of Liam went viral on YouTube of him fist bumping every bruins player as they skated off the ice after their regular pre-game warm up. The video has been viewed almost two million times!

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Power Wheels Accessible For Children With Disabilities 

Fisher Price Power Wheel cars are a fantastic toy for toddlers to have fun with being mobile and independent. But as for toddlers with disabilities, they were not getting the same oppportunity. A group of parents, therapists, researchers, disability professionals, and a few others worked together to adapt a toy play car to be accessible for toddlers with disabilities. Using PVC pipes, and pool water noodles they were able to build a lift for the car suitable for toddler Christopher Roe, who was born with a severe form of spina-bifida. Shown below in the photo are Christopher and a workshop leader exchanging smiles and a high-five.

Christopher Roe high-fives Go Baby Go workshop leader Sam Logan in his newly modified Fisher-Price Power Wheels Lil' Lightning McQueen. (Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch/MCT)

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Mikayla Holmgren's Passion For Dance

Mikayla Holmgren from Minnesota has found her element in dance. Confidently expressing herself through dance ever since she was a little girl. Holmgren was born with down syndrome and her parents are very proud of where she's at today in dance, and her dance teacher treats her no less like any other student. Additionally Mikayla participates in the Special Olympics in gymnastics, and was also on the pom squad in highshcool.

“She impacted my life in so many ways. She reminds me of what dance is all about,” - said by Mikayla's dance teacher.

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