Pets Help Austic Children Gain Social Skills

New studies have found that having any type of pet in the same home as an autistic child can greatly boost their social skills. In a survey studying 70 families with a child on the spectrum, those with pets in their home showed more social behavior than without. For example they were more likely to introduce themselves, ask for information, or respond to questions. "Kids with autism don’t always readily engage with others, but if there’s a pet in the home that the child is bonded with and a visitor starts asking about the pet, the child may be more likely to respond,” said Gretchen Carlisle, who worked on the study.

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Ezra Roy Receives University Degree 

Ezra Roy, 26 years old, has recently graduated with honours from Texas Southern University and gained a bachelor's degree in art. Born with down syndrome, Ezra has overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today with the help of his father, Alvin Roy. Although Alvin has said the University made adjustments for Ezra such as extending time for writing exams and projects, the requirements stayed the same as any other student studying at Texas Southern University. There were obvious skeptics, but Ezra proved all that he was able to accomplish his goals with the support and encouragements of family and friends around him.

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Interior Design to Accommodate Those with Autism

A new idea on creating an inclusive and accomodating living environment for those with autism. A.J. Paron-Wildes was a young interior designer when she received the news that her son had been diagnosed with autism. After seeing the obstacles that her son faced each day she decided to research the idea of interior designing a peaceful environment that those with autism could greatly benefit and advantage from. Paron-Wildes found out which colours were calming, and which lighting was too bright or too dim that caused tantrums to those with autism. She learnt first hand how important organization is when having a calming, and peaceful environment.

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Athlete With Disability Finally Competes

Garrett Holeve or "G-Money" as he is called in the ring, will get the chance to compete for a championship title. Garrett was born with down sydrome and has overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today. Supported and sponsored by Fighting for Autism (Awareness and advocacy group) Garrett is set to compete against "Cerebral Assassin" David Steffan, who has a mild form of cerebral palsy.

“They’re going to have an opportunity to show people this can be done safely and that they’re skilled martial artists,” - Garrett's father Mitch Holeve had said. “At the end of the day, everybody wins.”

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TV To Become More Accessible 

Comcast is now in the midst of sharing an accessible "Talking Guide" which is said to be the industries first voice-enabled television user interface. This guide includes a voice read over of show titles, air times, time left, network names, descriptions and many other tv-viewing information crucial for viewers with sight impairment. It is said the Talking Guide will be launched by early December, and all X1 users are to receive it via automatic updates.

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