Super Bowl Commercial Special Feature

Super Bowl Sunday this year will feature a one minute ad from McDonalds consisting of staff telling a family that their form of payment is a family hug. The special feature about this particular Super Bowl ad is that one of the family members is a third grade young girl, born with down syndrome. Her name is Grace Ramsburg and though she may not realize at the moment, millions of people will get to see Grace and her family this Sunday the first of February, on the their television screens.

Grace Ramsburg, 8, will appear in an ad for McDonald's airing during the Super Bowl. (Changing The Face Of Beauty)

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Valentine's Day Prom for Disabled 

Former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow is organizing 45 proms around the world this year focusing on those with special needs. Around 7,000 individuals will be attending this prom on February 13th, and the foundation has donated $600,000 to fund the "Night to Shine"event. Paparrazzi, limousine services, a red carpet, food, and make-up stations are all included with of course a dance floor at the event.

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Cristina's Tortina 

Cristina Iusso is a 5 year old girl born with down syndome, who also happens to be the inspiration behind 'Cristina's Tortina'. Cristina's Tortina is a cupcake shop in Brampton run by Cristina's mom, who heavily believes in the fact that capabilities are what count, rather than any disability. Cristina Tortina (which in Italian translates to little cake) employs seven people with down syndrome and autism working a variety of positions within the shop.

“Everyone serves a purpose in this world — no matter how many chromosomes you have, or your circumstances, you just have to find it.” - Mary Iusso [Cristina's mother]


NYC Disability Pride Parade

Mike Ledonne, a jazz pianist has been working towards a day to celebrate those with disabilities, with a parade. The main inspiration for his goal is his 10 year old daughter Mary, who was born with a genetic disorder that has left her developmentally disabled. The parade is scheduled for July the 12th and Ledonne has requested his jazz colleagues such as Ron Carter, and Benny Golson, to participate with him and they have confirmed to donate performances to the parade. Queens native Victor Calise who was paralyzed in a mountain biking accident had said, "Its a great opportunity to remind New York City residents and the world that people with disabilities are part of society, demand equal rights and most of all, celebrate who we are."

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Students Design Sensory Chair 

Blue Valley School District has had the opportunity to research and design a new more efficient, and cost friendly sensory chair for children on the autism spectrum. Using materials such as an inflatable air bag, swimming pool noodle, remote control air pump, and a papasan chair, students were able to make a piece of furniture fit to be used in a home, and more affordable than those already on the market.

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