Some services we provide are:


(Also known at YRL as: Group Homes, Home Sharing, Staffed Residential)

Younghusband Resources Ltd. provides homes for adults living with a mental and/or physical disability.

Each home must meet or exceed Younghusband Resources high standards as well as the standards of the Community Living BC and Community Care Licensing.

Individuals are encouraged to participate in the daily functions of their homes and a staff of skilled and qualified workers provides support and assistance as needed.

Contract funding is provided by Community Living BC

Please click here for more information on Home Sharing

Community Inclusion

(Also known at YRL as: Day Program, Creative Choices, "CI")

Living in a residential neighbourhood provides an opportunity for individuals to interact within the community.

Appropriate transportation such as wheelchair lift equipped vans, are provided to access recreational activities, social events and day programs.

Community and residential Activities are tailored to the specific needs of each individual.


Please click here for more information on Creative Choices Day program. 

Family Support

Participation by individuals and their family members in the planning process, decision making and daily activities is encouraged.

Our open door policy encourages family members and advocates to feel welcome and part of the multidisciplinary team responsible for ensuring our clients receive the best possible care.